Anixter Center Divisions

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Within the Anixter Center family, CALOR serves people of all backgrounds with disabilities. But since its founding, it has built a special niche supporting people of color on Chicago’s west side, offering hope to those living with HIV/AIDS and other health related disabilities. In addition to its signature HIV/AIDS prevention services, CALOR provides residential services, substance abuse education, case management and prevention services as well as its Employment to Independence Program.

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Another member of the Anixter Center family, Chicago Hearing Society (CHS) supports deaf and hard of hearing people of all ages in a variety of ways, most prominently through its Hearing Health Clinic, which is open to all, and its Hearing Aid Bank, which offers reconditioned hearing devices on a sliding fee scale. CHS also offers Interpreter Services and domestic violence and victim assistance programs for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, among other services.

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Lekotek, the third member of the Anixter Center family, works primarily with young and school-age children with disabilities and their families. Using therapeutic-based play techniques and a toy lending library, Lekotek helps children learn key life skills and connect with family while enjoying the many benefits of play. Lekotek holds workshops and seminars for professionals who work with children with disabilities and has also formed strategic partnerships with members of the toy industry.

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