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Ameriprise Financial
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Ms. Cara Carlson
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Colony Brands Foundation Inc.
Comcast Cable
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Continental Languages
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De Laurentis Managment
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Dougherty Logistics
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Dr. MJL Foundation
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Gaelic Fire Brigade
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General Mills Foundation
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Ms. Jennifer Hamilton
Ms. Taylor Hamilton
Ms. Lois Handmaker
Mr. and Mrs. Tim and Kathy Harris
Ms. Joanie Helgesen
Ms. Julie Henderson
Mr. Matt Hines
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Naile Hoehn
Ms. Susan Hoehn
Ms. Blair Hoffman
Ms. Mallory Hoffman
Mr. Armin Hojjatre
Mr. and Mrs. David and Lila Holan
Mr. and Mrs. Alan and Jessica Horsnail
Ms. Corrie Houchin
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ICM Properties, Inc
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Mr. Matt Jarosz
Mr. Martin Jaugietis
Ms. Tamara Jensen
Mr. Armin John Hojjatie
Ms. Becky Johnston
Ms. Nancy Jones Gansinger
Mr. and Mrs. Knoefel and Janet Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon and Maureen Joseph
Ms. Anne Jung
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Ms. Paula Kachoris
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Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Hilary Kallin
Ms. Deirdre Kennedy
Ms. Barbara Kent
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and Liz Keys
Mr. Timothy King
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Ms. Jennifer Koehler
Mr. Brad Kosirog
Ms. Catherine Kosnik
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Kovarsky
Mr. Seth Kramer
Ms. Terry Kuyawa
Mrs. Jane Kwan



Mr. Russell Laine
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Marie Lally
Mr. Thomas P. Lally
Ms. Jennifer Lamplough
Ms. Olive Landi
Ms. Katalyn Lauin
Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Kathy Lavin
Mrs. Kathryn Lavin
Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Jeannie Lawson
Ms. Marion Lazar
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Dr. Renee Lewin
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Mr. Colleen Loberg
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Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ludwig
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McBride Kelley Baurer
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Ms. Beth Mueller
Patricia Muller
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Ms. Alison Murphy
Mr. James Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Murphy
Mr. Sean Murphy
Mr. Joseph Musselman
Mutare Software



Mr. Thomas Nash
Mr. and Mrs. Howard and Joyce Nathan
National Association Of Boards Of Pharmacy
Mr. and Mrs. Joel and Jennifer Nellis
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Niepokoj
Mr. Jeff Norman
Northbrook Farmers Market Association



Mr. Corey O'Brien
Mr. Jim Obrien
Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Mary O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Susan O'Donnell
Mr. Abimbola Okdorun
Ms. Michele Olson
Mr. Michael O'Neill
Open 4 Buisness Producations, LLC DBA Chicago Fire
Ms. Marjorie Openshaw
Mr. and Mrs. O'Regan
Ms. Stacy Orenstein
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Mr. Erasmo Pacheco
Papa Charlie's Inc.
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Mr. and Mrs. Dudley and Debbie Sullivan
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Superior Optical Co., Inc.



Tagteam Global
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Tape To Type
Ms. Ila Tattleman
Mr. and Mrs. Philip and Donna Tenenbaum
The Big Dog Fund
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Mr. Thomas Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn and Mary Torgerson
Ms. Lisa Torgerson
Ms. Mary Torgeson
Ms. Jeritza Torres
Mr. Charles Tramontana
Ms. Debra Trefz
Trustmark Insurance
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Mr. Jose Valdez
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Ms. Shirley Wang
Mr. Matthew Ward
Ms. Caroline Watkins
Mr. Sid Waxberg
Mr. and Mrs. Cary Weinstein
Ms. Hilari Weinstein
Mr. Robert Weinstein
Ms. Erin Weir
Dr. Ernest Weis and Mrs. Penny Florsheim Weis
Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Marianne Weissert
Ms. Kellie West
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Dawn Wheatley
Ms. Deena Williamson
Ms. Ann Wohlmuth
Mr. Steven Wolf
Mr. Mike Wong
Wrigley Company
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YouCopia Products Inc.
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Mr. Nick Zawitz
Ms. Rhyan Zweifler




Anixter Center Names Rebecca Clark Interim President & CEO

Chicago, Ill. (Aug. 15, 2017) — Rebecca Clark has been named Interim CEO & President of Anixter Center, one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the Chicago area serving people of all ages with disabilities. Clark first joined Anixter Center in 2015 as the Vice President of Program Development, Innovation... Read more

Tickets on Sale Now for Chicago Hearing Society’s Fall Benefit on Oct. 26

Chicago, Ill. (Aug. 28, 2017) — Chicago Hearing Society will host its annual benefit, “Raise Your Paddle for CHS!,” on Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017. The benefit will be held at SPiN Chicago, 344 N. State St., one of the city’s newest go-to spots. Early bird tickets are available now for $75... Read more

New Focus to Close June 16, 2017

It is with great sadness that I announce the closing of our New Focus program effective June 16, 2017. New Focus cares for individuals who have suffered a traumatic brain injury. The main funding source for New Focus, a major grant from the Employment Division of DHS, will be terminated... Read more


Anixter Center Success | Margaret

Anixter Center Success | Margaret

Margaret definitely knows what she wants—a job. And she also knows what it will take to get one—better job skills and her GED. Anixter Center is supporting her all the... Read more


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