Department of Human Services (DHS) Mandated Trainings

The Anixter Center Training Institute offers a blended learning option for this course that combines classroom and online participation. Students can access online training courses on any internet-connected computer, or utilize a computer by appointment at Anixter Center’s computer lab.

Classroom courses are available Tuesday, August 2, 2016, 9am-5pm and Wednesday, August 3, 2016, 9am-5pm. They will be held in the Polk Conference Center located at 2032 N. Clybourn Ave. in Chicago (click here for map/directions). For more information contact Training Institute Director, Katie Yamashiroya at (773) 929-8200 x229 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  

Introduction to Developmental Disabilities  (4 hours online)

  • Characteristics of Different Developmental Disabilities covers intellectual disabilities, autism, cerebral palsy and epilepsy 
  • Teaching Strategies and Challenges covers learning styles and effective teaching strategies pertaining to developmental disabilities

Basic Health and Safety  (15 hours online)

Seizures (1 hour)        

  • Causes and risk factors
  • Different types of seizures
  • Treatments available

Health Observations and Measurements (2 hours)

  • Symptoms of acute and chronic medical conditions
  • Reporting and documentation fatigue

Infectious Disease in the Workplace (2.5hours)

  • Transmission symptoms
  • Treatments (HIV, Hepatitis B, and TB)
  • Universal precautions

Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) (1.5 hours)

  • How to assist with daily living activities
  • How to test water temperature
  • Using various OJT activities checklists (shaving, mouth care, etc.)

Environmental and Individual Safety (2 hours)

  • Isolation procedures
  • Food safety
  • Safe transportation
  • Safe evacuations
  • Fire safety
  • Safe lifting

Human Growth and Development (2 hours)

  • The proper names for body parts
  • The development ladder
  • The development milestones
  • The five senses
  • Different developmental rates
  • Sexuality

Wellness, Part One and Two (4 hours)

  • Nutritional guidelines for children and adults
  • Balanced diet guidelines
  • The various healthy food groups
  • Recommended selections of food groups
  • How to select healthier foods and encourage exercise

Abuse and Neglect (3 hours classroom)

  • Types of abuse and neglect
  • Reporting responsibilities
  • Investigation procedures
  • Preventive strategies

Human Rights (4 hours)

  • Historic struggle for human rights for people with disabilities
  • Role of Human Rights and Behavior Support Committee
  • Guardians
  • Confidentiality
  • DSP’s role in supporting choices and protecting rights
  • Ethical responsibilities of DSP's
  • Confidentiality laws and practices

Human Interaction and Communication (3 hours classroom + 1 hour online)

  • Modes of communication
  • Barriers and strategies for improving communication
  • Assistive technology

Service Plans and Documentation (4 hours classroom)

  • People-centered planning and implementation of Service Plans
  • Development of goals and objectives
  • Documentation practice

CPR and First Aid (6 hours classroom)

  • First Aid and CPR training for Adults

1 CEU credit for every 1.0 hour of instruction completed in the classroom or online. Fee for the complete 40 hours of instruction is $950.