Competitive Employment Services

Anixter Center operates a variety of job placement programs, and we strive to find the right job for each person we serve. Everyone is treated as an individual and given personal attention as we work with employers to help them understand and respond to the needs of persons with disabilities.

Employment Opportunities delivers a broad choice of vocational and employment services to assist people with disabilities in greater Chicago in finding and keeping jobs in the community. Programming includes educational classes that discuss assimilation into workplace culture, job performance and development of co-worker relationships. Employment Opportunities also provides support for individuals with disabilities who have a degree, advanced training or technical skills on a professional level.

For more information contact Anixter Center Employment Opportunities:
(773) 248-6500 (voice)
(773) 248-6941 (TTY)

Anixter Center North assists people who live with disabilities in the north and northwest suburbs of Chicago—including high school students making the transition from school to work. Anixter Center North provides on-the-job evaluation, job placement and supported employment.

For more information contact Anixter Center North:
(847) 472-9355 (voice)
(847) 472-9548 (TTY)

JobWorks focuses on vocational and pre- and post-placement services for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

For more information contact JobWorks:
(773) 248-6500 x236 (voice)
(773) 248-9174 (TTY)