Anixter Center

Provides an array of services and supports for individuals with disabilities and related challenges to live, learn, work and play in the community.

Anixter Center is a nonprofit organization providing disability services and support that is individualized, choice-driven, culturally sensitive and promoting of inclusion.
In 1918, Anixter Center was born out of the need for an orphanage for abandoned children, and has served the greater Chicago area ever since. Ninety percent of the people Anixter Center serves are low-income and live at or below the federal poverty line, and continually focusing on the needs of the most under-served.

Each year, at dozens of locations throughout the Chicago region, more than 7,300 children, teens, young adults and adults with disabilities are supported through Anixter Center and its three divisions-CALOR, Chicago Hearing Society and National Lekotek Center. Together these four entities provide 34 programs in 5 service areas:

·       Community Support                                            

·       Education Services

·       Employment/Business Services

·       Health and Behavioral Health Services

·       Residential and Housing Support

"Anixter Center connects people with disabilities to the power and the ability to take control of their lives. We consistently witness that when we believe in individuals, they begin—often for the first time—to believe in themselves. And that's when remarkable things happen." Kevin Limbeck, Anixter Center President and CEO