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These Fun Anixter Programs Need Your Help

One of Anixter Center's popular social and recreation groups needs your help to stay functional.


bowlingAnixter Center provides social events for clients in order to foster independence, self-esteem, socialization and inclusion within the community. One such activity is a bowling group that has gone to Irving Park Bowl for years where the cost to bowl each week was around $2.00 per person. Sadly, that bowling alley has shut down. Unfortunately, the cost at a new bowling is now more than double that: $5.50 per person. With the increase in price, clients will now only able to bowl for about 6 of the 15 week trimester as we do not want to charge the clients more than $20.00. Our clients need your help in order to keep this group going to the bowling alley as often as it used to. For our clients, this is far more than just a game. Going out into the community as a group helps to foster critical life skills such as independence and creates much-needed feelings of community inclusion. If you would like to help keep this self-esteem boosting program going, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our online donation page here (please include CRS Bowling in the comments box so we can allocate your donation appropriately).

Bowling Group Wishlist:

  • $5.50 will pay for one person to bowl for one week.
  • $82.50 will pay for one person to bowl for the entire 15 week trimester.
  • $825.10 will pay for everyone to bowl for the entire trimester.
  • Bowling shoes or money to purchase bowling shoes.

Anixter Center Community Resources and Support (CRS) is wishes to host a picnic this year sometime in August or September. Unfortunately, there is no money in the budget to make it work this year. Can you help give our program participants a fun afternoon at the park?

Lastly, a golf group that goes to Diversey Harbor each week to work on skills and hit balls is in need of sponsorship. The cost for this is $20.00 per week for 6 people. Client’s already pay $20.00 for the group, which is a financial burden to many of them, but that only lasts half of the 15 weeks. They would love to go every week but financially that is not possible at this time. Any donations of time, treasure or talent that could help this group would be appreciated tremendously.

All donations are tax deductable.



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